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You can input only integer numbers, decimals or fractions in exercises and online calculators.
    Rules how to input numbers:
  • Integer numbers.
    For example: 2; 0; -6.
  • Decimal fraction. If a program shows message "You have to input only numbers!" , you should change a sign "." on "," or a sign "," on ".".
    For example: 1.2; -0.4 (or 1,2; -0,4)
  • Between a numerator and denominator of a common fraction use a sign "/". You can input only fractions without integer part. You need to convert mixed number to improper fraction before inputting them at programs. You can use online calculator for converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, if you have problems with converting.
    For example: 1/2; -3/4 ; 8/3.
You can not input letters, brackets, signs "+", "-", "*", ":" etc. at calculators and exercises!!!

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