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Online Calculator. Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers.

All an improper fraction can be converted to a mixed number.

    To convert an improper fraction to a mixed number follow these steps:
  • Divide the numerator by the denominator.
  • The quotient (without the remainder) becomes the whole number part of the mixed number. The remainder becomes the numerator of the fractional part.
  • The new denominator is the same as the denominator of the improper fraction.

More in-depth information how to converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.

This online calculator will help you understand how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. The calculator will compute the mixed numbers. The calculator will generate a step-by-step explanation on how to obtain the results.

    Тo convert improper fractions to mixed numbers you need:

  • input improper fraction;
  • press button ( "=" ).

Converter from Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers


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