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Formulas and properties of exponents

When n is a positive integer, the number c is called the n power of the number a if
c = an a · a · ... · a

Formulas and properties of exponents are used in the reduction and simplification of expressions, and in solving equations and inequalities.

1.a0 = 1      (a ≠ 0)   - zero exponent property
2.a1 = a   - any number raised by the exponent 1 is the number itself · am = an + m   - product of powers property
4.(an)m = anm   - power of a power property
5.anbn = (ab)n   - power of a product property
6.a-n = 1an   - negative exponent property
7.anam = an - m    - quotient of powers property
8.a1/n = na   - rational exponent property

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